Noisecare noise fence is the silencer
which dampens the noise and creates peace in the city

With Noisecare noise barriers, noise from city traffic, railways as well as residential and industrial areas is reduced. With Noisecare, you can prevent noise pollution and create a better environment in noise-laden areas or on your own land register. We have tested Noisecare in several variants and are proud of the result.
Its all about quality
Quality and design are something consumers have increased their focus on. Therefore, with Danish design, we have and thorough testing of our products ensured that Noisecare lives up to expectations.

Danish design
All our products are designed in Denmark and tested by experts in wind tunnels.

Up to 24 db reduction
Noisecare Absorb provides up to 24 dB noise reduction. It reduces noise by absorbing and reflecting the sound waves from the surroundings, where the new Noisecare Reflect dampens the noise by reflecting sound waves.

CE marked
Our product is CE-Certified to ensure that the final product has been tested and that the product quality is approved.

With the best noise fence on the market, we have raised the standard…
Noisecare is the perfect choice when creating a quiet working environment or tranquility on the private land register. Price and quality go together and give you the best value for money.

Noisecare is not only a noise-insulating product, where the only focus is the insulation. Noisecare combines noise reduction with a stable and
maintenance-free modern design.

The modern design makes the whole experience with Noisecare work well in several areas. The fence fits visually well with nature with, for example, the green color and other colors such as anthracite and black, fit neatly into the cityscape. Noisecare makes the environment more comfortable and calm.


Easily and simply, you get the back of silence…

Noisecare is simple to set up and can easily be done by private individuals. The fence is built of modules, which are put on top of each other to achieve the desired height. The modules come with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to mount.

Noisecare noise fence is developed as a special module.
The fence consists of assembled modules in standard dimensions with fixed height and width per bay. the design of the modules means that the noise fence can often follow the natural turns and curvatures of the road. Any level differences in the terrain can also be offset so that the best noise cancellation is achieved.

Noisecare is a completely maintained-free product that no tightening, painting or other maintenance requires.

Modules in 4 different colors
Noisecare comes in different colors. The colours mean that the fence will blend naturally into the surroundings. White, Gray, Black and Anthracite are most often chosen when placing the fence at private homes. The green and yellow colors blend well into the colors of nature. High Visibility Yellow is most often used in connection with construction sites or places where the fence must have a safety function.





RAL 9005

RAL 7016



RAL 9005

RAL 7016



Noisecare is thoroughly tested and developed for the purpose

It has taken patience and determination to develop our Noisecare noise fence. We developed the best noise fence on the market because we could see the need out there. But how do you create a fence that both significantly dampens the sound and at the same time is better than other noise fences, without compromising on the design and price?

Panel (Noisecare / extreme)

  • Width: 251 cm
  • Height: 80 cm / 100 cm
  • Thickness: 60 mm
  • Mesh size: 50 x 200 mm
  • Thread thickness: 5 mm
  • Colour: Galvanised • Black • Anthracite

The dimensions of the posts and associated foundations*

* Without responsibility, as we do not know the location, soil conditions, wind load, local regulations, etc

** or with a base plate and the same stakes cast into the ground

Fence height Post dimension Foundation in concrete
Up to 2 meters 60x60x3x2700 Ø300 up to 1 meter
2.4 meters 80x80x4x4000 Ø300 depth 1.2 meters
3-3.5 meters 100x100x4x5000 Ø400 depth 1.5 meters
4 meters ** 120x120x5x6000 Ø600 depth 2 meters
5 meters 160x160x5x5110 Ø600 depth 2.7 meters

Posts are available in 3 different colors, galvanized and powder coated

  • Galvanized HDG
  • Black – Ral 9005
  • Anthracite – Ral 7016


Noisecare consists of ready-made modules ready for installation. Each module is constructed with a core of noise absorbing material covered with a diffusion sole and UV stabilized membrane, which is held in place by a surface-treated steel mesh. The steel mesh has a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm and the wire diameter is 6/5 mm.

A special internal rigidity system ensures optimal stability and an exceptionally strong and durable construction. The modular solution allows for an easy, simple and rapid establishment. Once the bars are established the prefabricated modules are mounted between the pillars.

Professional sound test

Our sound test has been carried out in collaboration with SWECO, europe’s leading
consulting architectural and engineering.

The core material

  • Noisecare dampens noise by absorption
  • Noisecare noise-cancelling core material consists of specially made stone wool made from molten diabas that are solidified as fibers
  • Noisecare core material unites the stone’s great strength and the noise-cancelling abilities of the fibres
  • Noisecare the core material is “frostproof”. The core does not suck water and therefore frost blasts can be avoided
  • Noisecare core material has a very high space weight for optimal acoustic attenuation


  • Noisecare membrane ensure a robust surface facing mechanical influences
  • The Noisecare membrane protects the core material so that optimal noise cancellation is maintained, even after many years
  • Noisecare membrane allows the passage of sound so that the noise can be absorbed
  • Noisecare membrane is “diffusion open” and thus ensures passage of any humidity
  • The Noisecare membrane is UV-Stabilized, which means long life of the membrane and not least the core material.

The strong silencer also looks good

Noisecare can be flexibly built up in different ways and in different designs. There are several variants, colors and materials to choose from and the possibilities are many.


At the top of the Noisecares noise fence core, the cladding is put on. At the core, the noise is absorbed and at the very end of the cladding, the noise will be reflected back to where the noise comes from.

Several variants and colours can be mentioned in the clothing. Our Siberian larch tree is perfect if the fence is to elegantly blend in with nature. It has an exclusive expression is a really nice solution with a pleasant and organic expression. Many also choose to occupy Noisecare noise fences with pressure impregnated wood. A solution that lasts for many years, in a natural design. The tree is found as green, brown or black.

In the cityscape, our lava art cladding is often used to create a different expression. It is inspiring to take a walk in the park and lava art creates the framework for an inspiring environment in a tranquil setting.

We follow developments and listen to customers. In this way, we keep up with the times and ensure that Noisecare meets the requirements and functionality of the time.


Perfect match with associated gates and doors

For all Noisecare fences there are also gates and doors, with matching colors, variants and options. This gives you a complete solution where everything fits together. A quiet, calm and safe solution.

Noisecare gate information

Although our knowledge and experience from the Noisecare fence can be passed on to our gates and gates, here are some new requirements for the product.

All our Noisecare doors are noise-insulated
and can open 180 degrees. They can be locked with
keys and cylinder can be replaced.

The material is exactly the same as used for the fence.

Panel (Noisecare / extreme)

  • Heights 160-180-200-240 cm
  • Widths: 100 cm single door / Up to 400 cm double door, other sizes on request.
  • Colors : 3 different colors, Request other colors.
  • Hinges : Locinox 4D hinge
  • Post thickness : 4mm
  • Possibility of wooden cladding.

The cylinder lock is pre-installed and can be replaced to the second mark, such as Ruko. Cover list is included for all doors, so it is completely closed between the post and the door. Powerful adjustable brackets are standard on Noisecare doors

Single door in heavy steel frame to match the fence, as well as solid handle and locking box from Locinox in stainless steel.

A quiet moment is important for your health

In 2011, the WHO estimated that at least 1 million healthy years are lost annually in Western Europe as a result of, among other things, traffic noise.

The main source of noise pollution in Denmark is traffic noise

The Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 survey shows that approximately 723,000 homes were exposed to road noise of more than 58 d(B), which is the indicative limit for road noise. Of these, about 141,000 homes were heavily noise-laden with a noise level of 68 dB or more.

Noise in an external environment is usually not as strong but can cause disruption of conversation, impaired learning and sleep disorder. Long-term exposure to traffic noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Hearing loss

Hearing damage is predominantly related to the working environment. The risk of hearing loss occurs at noise pressures above 75 dB and the risk increases with increasing levels.

Persistent noise exposure of 85 dB carries the risk of serious hearing damage.

Figures from the Labour Market Insurance show that the number of reported hearing diseases in 2018 was 2571.

According to the Day Care Act, children in day care must have a physical, mental and aesthetic children’s environment that promotes their well-being, health, development and learning. The law, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Children and Education, thus indirectly imposes requirements on the indoor climate, including noise.

Work and training environments

According to the Danish Education Environment Act, students, students and other participants in public and private education have the right to a good teaching environment. According to the Danish Health Act, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, the municipal council must assist schools free of charge, day care for children and young people with guidance on general health promotion and disease prevention measures.

According to the Guidance on Preventive Healthcare for Children and Adolescents, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority 2019 advises the municipal health service institutions on matters that have an impact on the reduction of noise nuisance in order to prevent noise damage in children.

Stylishly colorful and highly efficient…
Noisecare is not only a common noise insulating product, where the only focus is the insulation.
Noisecare combines both noise reduction, as well as modern design.

The modern design makes the whole experience of using Noisecare more efficient as it merges with nature through colored green, and plays together with buildings with anthracite and black. At the same time, the environment becomes more comfortable and peaceful.

Enjoy the benefits and get the peace back
Noisecare is mainly used to reduce noise. For example, from traffic in the city, by main roads, railways and residential and industrial areas.
We have tested Noisecare and are proud of the result.

With Noisecare, you can prevent noise pollution and create a better environment in noise-laden areas or on your own land register.