Noise fence for The Children's House Molevitten

“It is important to have a good neighbourhood… We were getting a bit tired before the fence came up. But if getting such a fence means that you can continue to get along with your neighbours, then it’s worth its weight in gold”, says Hanne Hosbond, educational coordinator at the Children’s House Molevitten.

When the junior high school UngHerning moved in next to the Children’s House, it brought both more life but also more noise with it. The challenge was that the crèche was right next to the school yard and an established bouncy pad, which resulted in the children not being able to get their sleep: “it may sound like small things when children don’t sleep but it’s a big challenge for us and the parents when their children get home. But it’s quiet in there and the children sleep soundly, so it’s nice.”

According to the customer’s request, we installed 74 Noisecare Extreme at a height of 3 meters between the two institutions. With CE certification, the noise fence’s function and quality have been tested and approved. The characteristic of this type of Noisecare noise-reducing fence is its built-in steel plate in the middle, which ensures 27 dB noise reduction and creates the desired tranquillity.

Beside the effective noise reduction, the modules are also used as activity walls by the children’s house, while plants have been planted on the other side to grow along the panels.

“We use the modules as a learning environment for the children, where we hang things on the fence. We work in such different modules with focus areas, we have worked with air, fire, earth and water. Right now it’s earth because we are in the middle of planting flowers”, says Hanne. The simple design thus provides plenty of opportunity to incorporate the noise fence so that it fits into all environments.

That is why we are happy that this solution could meet the problem for the neighbours.

“The experience with Noisecare A/S were good elsewhere too, so it was relatively easy. The whole process has been good, the agreements have been respected… It is always great that agreements are kept. It just makes everything much easier”, says Allan Bjørnskov Hansen, deputy head of the junior high school.

For the Children’s house, it was particularly important that the timetable was adhered to so that the daily planning could run smoothly: “it has been kept within the schedule. The setup went quickly, about 14 days and it was done. It was important that a fence was not missing for too long due to safety. I would recommend to anyone with the same challenges as us that they can come down here and look at what we have, because I think it us a satisfactory solution that has been come”, says Hanne

Noisecare A/S would like to thank UngHerning and the Children’s house Molevitten in Herning municipality for their cooperation and for wanting to share their experiences.