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Noisecare is excited to present a groundbreaking development in sound-absorbing products. After more than a year of product development, we have entered phase 2 of our development plan, where we have replaced mineral wool with glass wool in our sound barriers. This shift brings a range of significant advantages that will revolutionize the industry.


Simplicity and accessibility reflected in a fence

The most competitive market price, the quickest installation and the most well-documented product specifications – always in stock!
Reflect line is a simple, effective technology which is easy to install for just one person. It only consists of three elements – posts, fence elements and concrete – produced and designed in Denmark, and based on hands-on fencing experience.

Our vision: A technologically superior noise fence for private and business 

At NoiseCare we are guided by respect for our heritage, our call for innovation, our pursuit of excellence, our dedication to nurturing and maintaining that passion.


Our composition of new materials give birth to new products with unprecedented properties for less maintenance and noise, which made our mission succeed.

Noise fences – the silencer which dampens noise and creates peace 

With Noisecare noise barriers, noise from city traffic, railways as well as residential and industrial areas is reduced. With Noisecare, you can prevent noise pollution and create a better environment in noise-laden areas or on your own private or business property. We have tested Noisecare in several variants and are proud of the results.



Noisecare Absorb

Absorb is the flagship of Noisecare, and we are proud of all the people we have given relief from the noise pollution surrounding them.

The fence is sturdy, modern and can be customized in a variety of ways, including colors on both panels and posts, along with a tree cladding for more natural look.

We have two variants of Absorb, the regular, which reduces nosie by 17 dB, and Extreme, reducing noise by 21 dB.



Noisecare Reflect

The Reflect line of our noise reducing fences have been made with both convenience and affordability in mind. 


With simplicity envisioned, we developed our Reflect line of noise barriers. The fence is stylish, easy to assemble and affordable. 


With the panels being made from WPC/composite and the posts made from aluminium, it is a lightweight and durable fence – perfectly affordable and easily accessible for anyone wanting to silence their backyard.

With the best noise fence on the market, we have raised the standard…

Noisecare is the perfect choice when creating a quiet working environment or tranquility on private properties and even whole residential areas. Price and quality go together, and there are no limits to the scale of projects we handle. Check out this project in Hedensted, Denmark.

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Enjoy the health benefits of noise cancellation

In 2011, the WHO estimated that at least 1 million healthy years are lost annually in Western Europe as a result of, among other things, traffic noise. 


Noisecare is mainly used to reduce noise. For example, from traffic in the city, by main roads, railways and residential and industrial areas. 


We have tested Noisecare in all of these environments and are proud of the results – with Noisecare, you can prevent noise pollution and create a calm and pleasant space for yourself!