Noisecare Absorb

17 dB


About noisecare absorb

Noisecare dampens noise through absorption. The core material consists of specially manufactured stone wool made from melted diabase solidified into fibers.

The core material combines the strength of stone with the sound-dampening abilities of fibers. The material is “frost-resistant.” The core does not absorb water, thus avoiding frost damage. Additionally, it has a high density, providing optimal acoustic damping.

The membrane protects the core material, ensuring optimal noise reduction even after many years. The membrane also allows sound to pass through, facilitating noise absorption. The membrane is what’s called “diffusion-open,” allowing the passage of moisture while being UV-stabilized for longevity.

Absorb dimensions

Width: 256 cm including flancen
Heights: 80 / 100 cm
Thickness: 60 mm
Weight: 45kg


Each module is constructed with a core of noise-absorbing material coated with a diffusion-open and UV-stabilized membrane, held in place by a surface-treated steel mesh. The steel mesh has a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm and a wire diameter of 5 mm.

A special internal bracing system ensures optimal stability and an exceptionally strong and durable construction. The modular solution allows for easy, simple, and quick installation. Once the columns are installed, the prefabricated modules are mounted between the columns.

The perfect garden gate for your noise fence

If you have a noise fence, then in most cases you also need a corresponding sound-absorbing gate for the fence. As there are not many sound-absorbing garden gates on the market, we decided to develop our own, which fits perfectly with our Noisecare noise fence.