Noisecare creates peace where the noise is greatest


With its sound-absorbing fences, Noisecare helps reduce noise levels in environments plagued by traffic and industrial noise. The company’s solutions also withstand extreme weather conditions, and Noisecare is working to make all parts of the company’s profiles recyclable.



Noisecare delivers sound-absorbing fence solutions with a core of glass wool.


Even though there are limit values for noise of every kind, residential areas, businesses, sports fields, and recreational areas are often affected by noise from neighbors and traffic. Road networks, railways, airports, and industrial companies are noise sources that, despite the authorities’ enforcement of limit values, often impact the environment where people move, work, and live.


Aesthetics and Functionality

The Fredericia-based company Noisecare has been developing noise barrier solutions since 2019, consisting of ready-to-install modules. Each module is built with a core of sound-absorbing material covered with a diffusion-open membrane, which is held in place by a surface-treated rebar mesh with a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm and a wire diameter of 6.5 mm.


Noisecare’s modules visually stand out from most other solutions on the market with a more streamlined, rectangular design. This contributes to a unique aesthetic that enhances the overall solution.



“Since the establishment of the company,
we have focused on continuous product
development, both in terms of visual
expression and sound-absorbing effect.
We have two types of modules. Both
consist of wool, but one is also equipped
with a steel core between the wool layers”

Martin Hestnes, Sales Manager at Noisecare



Noise barriers made of pure wool have the best sound attenuation around residential areas, while modules with a steel core are best suited along, for example, highways, as sound frequencies from heavy traffic are more easily reflected.


– “Along very busy roads, it makes sense to use a combination of wool and steel because it reduces the need for sound absorption when part of the noise is reflected back,” says the sales manager.



350 m long and 3.6 m high sound-absorbing fence from Noisecare around a residential area in Hedensted.



While other noise barrier manufacturers use stone wool, Noisecare’s modules are made with glass wool.

Like most companies in the construction industry, there is a natural focus on minimizing environmental impact. The company’s materials are produced in Denmark and other European countries, so transportation impact is limited.



Noisecare fences installed around a school in Copenhagen.



Noisecare’s solutions are delivered as kits that are easy to assemble and adapt to the landscape conditions under which they are erected. The hot-dip galvanized posts typically measure 4 m, the noise-reducing panels are 2.4 m long and 0.8 or 1 m high, while the base plates are delivered in heights of 20 and 30 centimeters, so the total height of the fence can be adjusted according to the landscape.


“To ensure a quick workflow around the erection of our fence solutions, we offer a complete package where the installers do not have to spend unnecessary time cutting the metal base plates. All modules can be easily shortened with a saw and finished with fitting pieces,” concludes Martin Hestnes from Noisecare.



Martin Hestnes, Sales Manager at Noisecare.